Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Tapestry


This mandala tapestry pattern forms a symmetry declaring the interconnection of the circle of life. These large wall hanging or bedspreads are sure to make any room shine, a fantastic addition to your home decor.

60"W x 40"H
60"W x 50"H
80"W x 60"H
90"W x 60"H
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Grateful dead mandala tapestry triple dancing bears within black, green circles art on black, do a little dance with the grateful dead bear’s music wall tapestry. 100% cotton. They were built-in corner loops if you decide to hang them.

Vivid Pattern
Vivid Pattern
Advanced HD print technology is applied to restore the details of the desinger's original handcraft.
Vibrant colors and crisp lines showing a realistic and luxurious look.
Preimum Quality
Our Tapestry is made of 100% Polyester Fabric, soft to touch, skin-friendly, environment-friendly and easy to hang indoor or outdoor. Don't worry about fading and pungent smell.
Widely Applicable
The tapestry is suitable for bedroom, living room, dining room, office wall decoration, also suitable for decorative curtains, ceilings, porches. Can be used as a mat in picnics, beach and yoga.
Why Choose US

Don’t buy any Tapestry blindly. Let us help you with the Insights and details of how this amazing handmade work gets done.

100% High Quality Polyester Fabric
Soft and comfortable handing feeling
Unique HD digital print, vivid and vibrant
Lightweight and easy to hang

Transportation and Maintenance

While it might be difficult to move wall paintings from one place to another, tapestries can be transported easily. All you need to do is take them out, roll them and transport. There are no chances of them getting broken or damaged, as in the case of wall paintings.

Maintaining tapestries is very easy and can be done by anyone. A soft brush such as a painting brush should help you clean your tapestry. Any stains also can be easily removed by using a gentle fabric cleanser. You can even give it for dry clean without any worries. Cotton and linen tapestries can even be machine-washed. Paintings, on the other hand, may require lot of care when it comes to maintenance.

Warm Tips

1.  We follow WYSIWYG “What you see is what you get”.
2. As this item is handmade hence, please allow some size variation within 0.5-1 inch from mentioned measurement.
3. We have tried our best to present the actual picture but there can be differences in colors due to screen resolution, monitor setting, Mobile app use, viewing angle and other photographic elements.

  1. Marion cedric

    Well I ordered this larger size tapestry and I couldn’t be happier. I used a regular desk stapler and stapled it every few feet along the top to my living room wall behind my TV. Easy to take down and move around and the tiny tiny holes from the stapler can’t even be seen in the wall. When I’m not watching TV I just lift up the bottom of the tapestry and drape it over the TV transforming my whole wall into a forest. The lighting and the detail is incredible. I don’t know what that one reviewer was talking about. Maybe they got a bad one. Close up or across the room the detail is just amazing. Yes there are creases in it and I read from the other reviewers I can take it down and lightly iron it from the back side I’m just too lazy to do it right now. I find I actually like looking at it better than TV. If you look closely at it you’ll see on the left side there’s an overgrown road as your eye travels along that you just go into the forest. It’s great! No ticks no bugs no mosquitoes.

  2. Sophie Wray

    My daughter love it

  3. Daniel Martinez Jr

    Very cool. Not as big as I thought but big enough! Colors and design was exactly as pictured. Great price for a tapestry!

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